Now We All Know Going Vegan Can Be Scary Cos Theres A Looooo

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now we all know going vegan can be scary cos there’s a looooot of meat/dairy alternatives out there that are spenny!! but there’s also plenty of delicious meals that you can make that won’t cost the earth and this is no 1 in a lil series I’m going to start! so this is a chicken pasta bake that we’ve made a couple of times, it’s easy and cheap, I bought most the ingredients at Sainsbury’s and a few at Lidl and I’ve included price breakdown (apart from the herbs and spices cos lol who can work that out)👏

– 2 red onion (around 16p)
– tomato (24p)
– pepper (43p)
– 2 mushroom (around 16p)
– 1/2 pack wholemeal pasta (30p)
– chopped tomatoes (28p)
– herbs/spices: garlic, paprika, mixed herbs, salt & pep
– big squirt tomato purée (about 10p)
– 1/2 pack plant pioneers chicken pieces (88p)
– 1/2 pack violife epic mature grated (£1.10)
– 1/2 pack salad (27.5p)
– 1/4 cucumber (12.5p)

the total comes to £4.04 and makes about 4 generous portions so working out at £1 per serving which is pretty good!! my boyfriend and I like ours super cheesy so used the violife epic mature but using sainsburys own cheese would have brought the price down even more! hope this helps others on a budget 🤩

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