My Tip For All New Vegans: Have A Go-to Pasta Recipe

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My tip for all new vegans: Have a go-to pasta recipe

Veganising a white sauce is the easiest thing. I use this as a base for my pasta and add different veggies depending on what I’m in the mood for. You can make lemony chicken, creamy garlic mushroom, any combo really. For this photo, I made creamy mushroom and pea pasta.

White sauce

– 2 tbsp vegan butter (there are tons of brands out there but @flora is probably the most accessible) or olive oil
– 2 tbsp flour
– 1 cup soya milk (obviously unsweetened)

I also can’t stand having to read recipes then to scroll up to see the quantity each time (cause no one prepares the ingredients in the correct quantities beforehand). So I’m going to give a recipe how I’d like to read it.

– Cook two peoples worth of pasta
– Melt 2tbsp of butter/olive oil in a pan
– Add one clove of minced garlic and sauté for a bit
– Add as much chopped mushrooms as you desire (I usually add a 250g pack from woolies). Sauté until all the mushrooms are soft, this should take around 10 mins. And then dish out of the pan into a separate bowl.
– For the white sauce, add 2tbsp butter/olive oil to the pan you just emptied
– Once that is melted, add another clove or two of minced garlic (FOR THE GARLIC LOVERS), and sauté until all fragrant
– Add 2tbsp of flour and mixed together in a paste, and cook for about a minute
– Slowly add 1 cup of soy milk to the pan, mixing everything together as you add. Allow the mixture to simmer until thickened. Add a bit more milk depending on the consistency.
– Add a pack of peas. Add the mushroom mixture to the white sauce. Mix. Taste. Add salt and pepper and herbs. And add to your cooked pasta

I sometimes add a squeeze of lemon juice just to make it even more dreamy.
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