Miso Butter Shallots

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Miso butter shallots

This is probably one of the most famous recipes to have come out of @ottolenghi and @ixta.belfrage book ‘Flavour’. Every recipe website of heft has reprinted it and with good reason. It is an absolute bobby-dazzler.

Three ingredients, a low and slow oven and a beautiful unctuous result that is unlike any thing you’d have ever tasted. As far as sides go, I am currently planning my mains (probably a roast chicken), the other side (probably some kale with pine nuts) and carbohydrate (definitely brown rice, to soak up that broth-like gravy) around this showstopper.

In fact it is so good, I am now thinking of serving this instead of regular gravy as part of my Christmas meal.

I am taking part in the #eatyourvegetablescollab and its onion theme so this is a slight late entry to the fantastic idea that encourages us to celebrate veggies by @sproutsandkrauts

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