[lotus Vegetarian] Finally Had The Time To Visit Lotus Veget

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[lotus vegetarian] Finally had the time to visit lotus vegetarian since it’s opening ! I would say the ambiance is nice and we got the VIP room tonight somehow! 😁✌🏼

I would recommend the butter crispy mushroom (6th picture) as the butter is covered with curry and the lime leaves taste which added an extra fragrant . The best part is it is not oily and you won’t stop eating it after having one ! 😁👍🏼
Another highlight would be the soups! I love both of the soups that we ordered which is the shark fin and the cordyceps soup. It’s full of ingredients and very flavourful. Looking at the ingredients they have put in, this is definitely value for money!

However, I won’t like the chicken rice and the spinach tofu as they are too bland for our liking. The rice and chilli were blend and nothing special about it.

Whereas for the spinach tofu, I would expect the spinach taste to be stronger and less starchy.

[look for part 2 for more dishes ]

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