Korean Fried Chikn

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Korean “Fried” Chik’n

Made this last night and I always knew cauliflower wings weren’t good ?. This Korean Fried Chik’n is made out of baked tofu instead ?. I never even thought about using tofu until I watched Marystestkitchen on youtube. She has multiple videos on this process, so watch her for a full in-depth recipe! I based mine on her Vegan Honey Butter Recipe.

You can make this chik’n with any type of sauce that you want, and it’s still so good! Mine is based on the traditional Korean sweet soy sauce.

Also, this picture is only half of what was made, so eat it with a side of air-fried/oven baked fries and a salad, and that’s dinner for 4 or 5. ?

Ingredients: the chik’n
▪︎firm tofu
▪︎spices: nutritional yeast, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne
▪︎ground flax seeds
▪︎whole grain flakes
▪︎vegetable Broth/Better than Chicken Bouillon

Ingredients: the sauce
▪︎soy sauce
▪︎sugar/maple syrup/oligodang syrup
▪︎apple cider vinegar
▪︎korean spicy red chili pepper

1. Freeze and thaw firm tofu twice.
2. Press tofu.
3. Marinate the tofu in some. vegetable broth or fake chicken broth
4. Make a 3-step dredge with step one as the flour & spices, step two as the egg substitute (2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds & 6 tablespoons of water – set aside for 5 min), and the last step as the remaining flour and spices with crushed whole grain flake cereal.
5. Take the tofu out of the broth, into the flour and spices, then the egg substitute, and the cereal flake mixture.
6. Set the tofu on a tray, drizzle with a small amount of cooking oil, and bake for 13 min at 425 F for 30-35 minutes, flip halfway through.
7. Mix garlic, soy sauce, sweetener, and apple cider vinegar together. Taste and see if it’s your desired flavor. Sorry, I didn’t measure this.
8. In a medium- hot pan with a tablespoon or two of cooking oil, add sliced korean peppers and sauteed for a few minutes. Then add sauce. Turn off the heat and then add the tofu, stir until everything is incorporated.

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