KFT (Kentucky Fried Tofu) SANDWiCH ? & My First Ever STOP

kft kentucky fried tofu sandwich  & my first ever stop multip img 0 f2cf0090
kft kentucky fried tofu sandwich & my first ever stop multip img 0 f2cf0090

KFT (Kentucky Fried Tofu) SANDWiCH ? & my first ever STOP MOTION VIDEO ? Swipe to check it out!

These are the best vegan fried “chicken” I ever made cuz 1. They CRUNCH, you got that satisfying sound when you bite into it; 2. They magically smell&taste like KFC without any fake “chicken broth” or artificial flavors?! Only natural, simple, pantry friendly ingredients are used, no weird/hard to find stuff here! And did I mention they’re OVEN FRIED?

{sponsored} The main ingredient in this magical breading is simply- OATS. But did you know what’s often found in our most commonly eaten food, oatmeal, cereal, bread, etc? Glyphosate, which is a toxic herbicide that’s not only harmful to us but to all the other animals. I’ve been cooking and working with @onedegreeorganics for months now and I’m honestly IN AWE of the standard of all their products, from oats to bread to granola, all are USDA ORGANIC, certified VEGAN, certified GLUTEN FREE and certified GLYPHOSATE FREE. Plus they meet and select all their farmers in person which is just darn lovely! I’m so grateful for the clean, safe and organic options they offer.

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To make the KFT

1 cup @onedegreeorganics oats, coarsely pulsed;
1/2 tbsp garlic powder;
1/4 tbsp ground pepper;
1 tsp salt;

“Egg” wash;
1/2 cup chickpea flour;
1 tbsp soy sauce;
Enough water/veggie stock till you reach a runny eggy texture;

– Freeze a block of medium hard tofu over night then thaw completely, press to get as much water out as possible;
– Tear the tofu into pieces, coat the pieces with breading > “egg” wash > breading again;
– Lay on a lined baking tray, brush on a generous amount of olive oil, bake @ 400F for 10 minutes, flip, then for another 10;
– Enjoy!

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