I’ve Officially Found My Favorite Soup ? Most Likely Th

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I’ve officially found my favorite soup ? most likely that’s because it turned out more like pasta than an actual soup ?

I never ate much meat growing up, and particularly never ate bird. The only chicken noodle soup experience I had was essentially slurping broth ? I didn’t have high hopes for this recipe bc it was simple with minimal ingredients, hardly any spices! Was I ever wrong. I’ll be enjoying this dish all year long from now on.

I sautéd a mirepoix of carrots, celery, and onion in a combo of olive oil and butter. (Could easily make this oil free, but I wanted the comfort element that a little fat brings.)

I added salt & pepper, dried thyme & rosemary, and a dash of cayenne.

Then I brought a decent amount of veggie broth to a boil, and cooked orecchiette pasta until al dente in the same pot??

While my pasta was cooking, I crisped @the_tofurky_company seasoned chicken in a pan.

Once the pasta was done I added the chicken in, and voila ? ??

So hardy and comforting. I highly recommend making something like this, any pasta would work.

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