? ℝ ? ??I Always Remember My Mum Being So Para

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? ℝ ? ??I always remember my mum being so paranoid about getting ‘bingo wings’ if she didn’t move her arms enough. When I was younger I thought that was hilarious. But growing up I became more exposed to the endless list of things that women have to be careful about. ‘That burger will go straight to your thighs’ ‘that chocolate is going straight to your stomach’ ‘those chicken wings may as well be slapped straight onto your arms!’ Do you know what, we should be able to eat what we want when we fancy it without worrying about the aftermath. The truth is, you aren’t going to balloon overnight, despite anorexia convincing us that that’s what will happen if we aren’t strict on ourselves! I would rather have the strength in my arms to lift my baby cousin, or carry heavy plates at work, or carry amazing cakes into the oven! I don’t want anorexia to make me weak any more!?? .
So, pictured here is a beautiful purple smoothie bowl in my @cocobol.london ! Swipe for the thickness!?✨? ?RECIPE?
?2 frozen bananas
?1 tsp pink pitaya powder @unicornsuperfoods
?1 tsp blue spirulina powder
?Splash of water
1. Take out the banana about 10 minutes before blending.
2. Place all ingredients in a food processor/high speed blender for about 5 minutes until creamy.
3. I topped mine with strawberry stars, banana hearts, @byronbaypeanutbutter peanut butter, coconut, rose petals, cacao nibs and my homemade biscoff blondies!

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