Enter Hyper Fixation Food Of The Summer: Buddha/poké Style

enter hyper fixation food of the summer buddha pok style display image fff

enter hyper fixation food of the summer: buddha/poké style bowls 🥰
brown rice and soba noodles have been my sole pillar of strength as i navigate the transition into a gluten free future, and they are always the star of the show! i love playing with different fruits, vegetables and umami flavours with every meal, and no two bowls are ever the same. my current obsession is fresh mango and pickled ginger with miso/sesame dressing 🥭
the best part is that these are so easy to whip up.. simply boil the noodles or use your rice cooker for the perfect rice, and throw your protein of choice into an air fryer for ten minutes whilst you chop all the fresh ingredients!
pictured here: soba noodles, minced mushroom, cucumber, cabbage, edamame (always) and @birdseye_au plant based chicken strips. Topped of course with @mt_elephant umami hemp flakes! 🧡

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