Creamy Ch*ckn & Mushroom Pasta ?

creamy ch*ckn & mushroom pasta display image dea
creamy ch*ckn & mushroom pasta display image dea

Creamy ch*ckn & mushroom pasta ?

I was kindly gifted a range of pastas from @garofalopastauk and couldn’t wait to make a dinner with some of the pasta ?

For this recipe it made 3 portions:

* Rigatoni pasta (I didn’t measure but roughly enough for 3) *
* 1tbsp @boursinuk plant based garlic and herb cheese
* Roughly half a carton of @alpro soya cream
* 1 packet of salt and pepper chicken
* 1tbsp nutritional yeast
* 2 handfuls of sliced mushrooms
* 1 handful of chopped cherry tomatoes
* Half a sliced red onion
* 2 pressed garlic cloves
* Salt and pepper

1. After putting the pasta in salted water to boil, I fried off the garlic and red onion until nice and brown
2. I added in the mushrooms and tomatoes and continued to fry off until brown
3. Once the pasta was cooked, I drained and added into the mushroom mix, along with the chicken and gave a good stir
4. Lastly, I added in the soya cream, cream cheese, nutritional yeast and lots of pepper and stirred through for a few minutes
5. Once served, I topped with salt and pepper – *chefs kiss*

*AD – gifted

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