?? Chickpea Adobo ? ⁣

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chickpea adobo multip img 0 e8ea1bf9

?? chickpea adobo ? ⁣

I am so proud of myself for making this 🙂 it was sooo dang good. I grew up eating chicken adobo regularly. My grandfather is from the Philippines & he loves to make this! Also, this is an appreciation post for him because he basically raised me. One of my biggest blessings I swear he has all of my heart ?⁣

I asked him to give me the recipe & of course he didn’t give me measurements he just gave me ingredients & told me to do what I want ?⁣

So I will let you know what I did because I did tweak it a little! ⁣

– avocado oil (any oil you have works)⁣
– 4 cloves of garlic ⁣
– 3 bay leaves ⁣
– One onion⁣
– 4-5 small potatoes cut into medium sized pieces⁣
– 1 cup of @oceanshalo no-soy sauce⁣
– 1/4 c rice vinegar (acv works too)⁣
– 1 inch ginger⁣
– 1/4 tsp peppercorns⁣
– One can of chickpeas ⁣

My grandfather serves this over white rice ? ⁣

I sent him a pic and he said it looks good & made him hungry :)) he is so cute. ⁣

Directions in the comments 🙂 ⁣

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