Blasting The Tunes And Making A Big Meal With The Earth’s

blasting the tunes and making a big meal with the earths multip img 0 d0b3fb8d
blasting the tunes and making a big meal with the earths multip img 0 d0b3fb8d

Blasting the tunes and making a big meal with the earth’s ingredients for the people that I care about has always been a ritual. ? ??

I quickly realized that the best way to get someone to understand how delicious and varied plant-based meals can be is to SHOW them.??

Making food that’s familiar to someone and proving that it costs less, is more environmentally efficient to make/buy than their meat version, it’s cruelty free, and packed with only good nutrients gets the gears turning. ⚙️??

Swipe right for the recipe ➡️ & follow @eat_plantbased_ for more beautiful vegan Jamaican eats ???

Brown stew is a meal staple in so many households, usually featuring marinated and cooked chicken or cow.? ? The same can be done with tofu and anyone that tells you that they don’t like the taste of tofu has probably just been eating it straight out of the container that it comes in??

You NEED to spice it, just like chicken flesh, you must let it marinate. Any time you prepare it, poke the tofu chunk right the way through with a small fork, so the flavours can soak all the way in.?

Although the recipe calls for a scotch bonnet, I found that it was already hot enough for my taste?? The beautiful thing about this meal is that a little goes a long way, so when dishing it out, pack on the rice / chickpeas / or whatever side you’re using because you will want leftovers?

❗️VEGAN FACT #5❗️: Protein comes from plants…it comes from the ground! ? You find protein in vegetables, grains, and even fruit ? You can find protein in animal bodies because they, like us, eat plants!!? So by eating animals or their eggs/milk/fat you are actually eating their recycled protein♻️ Point is, if you eat your recommended daily calorie intake plant-based, you will automatically get enough protein.?

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